Wellness Massage

30 min. Wellness Massage DKK 299,-

Wellness Massage is about your own wellness. If you are in need of taking a break from the daily hustle and bustle, you should really offer yourself an hour of total relaxation and wellness. Wellness massage may be a classic massage, where focus is on complete relaxation through a softer and sensual massage. Alternatively, a wellness massage may be combined with a more deep tissue massage should muscles be in need of being worked through due to tension caused by work and physical activity or stress. The choice of treatment will be evaluated according to your wishes and needs, so you get the maximum out of your wellness massage.

With a wellness massage you will experience

  • Tense and stiff muscles are loosened and body is unstressed
  • Muscle tensions are prevented and thereby a loosening of muscles, tendons and joints
  • Wastes are easier excreted from the body
  • Production of endorphins increases (the body’s natural morphine)
  • New energy

MassageKompagniet in Copenhagen has specialized in pain management and pain relief by using physiological massage by using techniques from sports massage and wellness massage. We are very focused on removing your tensions and pains especially with deep tissue neck and back massage. We often combine more than one type of massage techniques during a session in order to give you maximum value of your time. We also offer advice and guidance in regards to methods to prevent the daily wear and tear on the body.

Treatment takes place in elegant surroundings at Lille Triangel on Østerbro in Copenhagen.

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