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About us at MassageKompagniet

The masseurs at MassageKompagniet have different backgrounds within physiology. We have combined our expertise and competences in order to specialize in preventive treatment besides pain relieving treatments, which are treated with physiological massage and comprises of techniques from the sports world and wellness massage. Couple massage, on the other hand, focuses on relaxation and wellness. Two masseurs treat the couple and the session takes place in a room where there is space for two individual massage benches.

Our first priority is to remove your tensions, discomfort and pain. We most often do this by combining various massage techniques during a session, in order to ensure you the maximum effect of your time at MassageKompagniet. Furthermore, we also give preventive advice as well as guidance in order to minimize wear and tear on the body.

Kenneth Petersen, Operator and Co-owner
I am a licensed doctor examined physiological masseur and I have several years of experience in pain relief and preventive treatment as well as counseling within these areas.

Besides that, I have taken a variety of courses about tension headaches, sports injuries. As a co-owner of the clinic, I am responsible for the daily running of the clinic. So you will often see me with a smile when you enter the clinic. And when Jaleel finally gets our telephone line fixed, I will also be responsible for making sure someone answers the phone, when you call.

Charlie Langenbach, Masseur & Management Assistant
I am both a sports masseur as well as a wellness masseur in Copenhagen. At MassageKompagniet I am in the process of further building on my competences especially in pain relief. This is through internal training with internal lessons such as treatment of myoses or the various types of tension headaches. You will find

Jaleel Hamid, Adm. & Marketing
I have a degree as a Sports Leader from Team Denmark. I left the world of sports and physiology and have since worked with marketing – primarily entrepreneurship. Due to sports injuries and associated treatments, I have with great interest, further developed my knowledge of musculature structure, weaknesses and strengths. I am therefore, very often, able to understand your pain and therefore also able to give you advice and techniques as to how to relieve them as a supplement to your treatment here at the clinic. You will often find me in the office in the back, where Kenneth has hidden me away.

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