Sports massage

30 min. Sports massage DKK 299,-

Sports massage helps the body get rid of waste materials in the body and helps the increase of fresh oxygen and nutritious blood. This can have great importance for people who train hard or people who have very monotonic work. If muscles are used and lack sufficient oxygen supply, lactic acid accumulation occurs. Our masseurs can help get rid of lactic acid accumulations. If one is seated for longer periods at a time, such as in front of a pc screen and therefore get tense, muscles will not have the desired pumping effect to get rid of old blood and waste material. Lactic acid accumulates in the body and results in myoses and thereafter tension. Sports massage is also used in connection to sports injuries, as tissue around the injury may be loosened and reduce pain due to less stress and strain.

Possitive effects of Sports Massage

  • Tight and stiff muscels are loosened and reduces stress.
  • Muscle tension is prevented thereby increasing muscle mobility as well as tendons and joints.
  • Blood circulation in muscles is increased.
  • Lactic Acids are easier excreted from muscle tissue.
  • Pain relief.
  • Shorter restitution periods after sports injuries.

Sports Massage is a physical and manual impact of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues. The masseur treats the soft tissues, tendons, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues, which improves the mental and physical well-being. Treatment results in a shorter restitution period of tired and worn muscle tissue. The main focus of sports massage varies naturally from person to person, but in general has the goal of increasing blood circulation in muscles. The masseur can also choose to massage across muscle fibers, which has a balancing and relaxing effect in tissues. People with cerebral palsy have a lot to gain by this form of massage, as their muscles are very tight. This goes the same for people with hamstrings. When the masseur succeeds in loosening the tissue with physiological massage, pain will be reduced due to less stress and strain.

You may also request sports massage during a couple-massage.

Treatment takes place in elegant surroundings at Lille Triangel on Østerbro.

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