physiological massage

30 min. physiological massage DKK 299,-

Physiological Massage is a versatile form of deep tissue and muscle massage. The massage focuses on the musculoskeletal system with the goal of achieving optimal movement of muscles, tendons and joints. A physiological massage compensates for all the negative effects of immobile work, stress and strain. The nerve system is activated and thereby the blood circulation in muscles and tissue is stimulated. Pressure in muscles and tissue is increased, so it is easier to get rid of waste materials in the body and regain muscle balance. The starting point is the body’s anatomical construction, which demands that the masseur has great knowledge of the starting points of the muscles, attachments and how they progress. This is the very reason that a greater part of the education of a physiological masseur is spent using a systematic process of each individual muscle in the body. Different massage techniques are used depending on the need.

The Positive Effects of Physiological Massage.

  • Stiff and sore muscles are loosened and relieves the body of stress.
  • Hypertonia is prevented and thereby giving muscles, tendons and joints more mobility.
  • Tension headaches are prevented.
  • Increased blood circulation in muscles.
  • Waste materials are easier excreted from muscles tissue.
  • Pain relieving through increased endorphins (body’s natural morphine).
  • Restitution time after sport injuries may be reduced.

MassageKompagniet consists of physiological masseurs who specialize in pain treatment as well as preventive massage in Copenhagen by combining various techniques and experience from the sports world and wellness massage.

We work intensively to relieve you of your tensions and pain and often combine various massage techniques during a session in order to give you maximum value for money. We also give advice and guidance as to how to avoid the daily wear and tear on the body.

Treatment takes place at elegant locations at Lille Triangel on Østerbro.

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