Massage prices

The Right Treatment at the Right Price
It is vital that you get the right treatment, which often turns out to be a combination of more than one type of massage and techniques. We have therefore chosen to keep prices simple.

You pay only for the duration of the massage and we customize the correct treatment by combining a variation of massage techniques in order to give you the maximum treatment for your money.

Cancelation of Massage Session
We always look forward to giving you a great service, so please cancel in good time. We are always saddened when our customers are a “no show”.

30 min. massage

Normal Price DKK 359,-

The region of your body to be treated is warmed up. You can then choose to have a more concentrated treatment on areas that are especially bothersome or a stress relieving massage in the whole area.

You should book more time, should you have stronger pains or wish to have a larger area massaged.

45. min massage

Normal Price DKK 459,-

When we have warmed up your muscles with smooth techniques there will be time for both a stress relieving massage on the chosen area as well as focused treatment of certain painful areas.

If you have strong painful areas or wish to have the entire body massaged, we recommend that you book 60 min. or more for a massage. This is also the case should you wish a full body massage.

60. min massage

Normal Price DKK 559,-

A longer massage is booked for a full body massage or in case you should have strong pains. Should you wish to spoil yourself with a wonderful wellness massage, we also recommend that you book 60 min.

Once we have warmed up your muscles with smooth massage techniques, we will massage you according to your wishes with either a stress relieving massage all over the body and/or a more focused massage in painful areas.

Should you need a longer massage duration than 60 min. please contact us by mail or call us at 88876353.

Couple Massage

Normal Price DKK 1119,-

When getting a Couple Massage, the focus is about relaxation and wellness. Two masseurs massage the couple. The session takes place in a room where there are two massage benches next to each other. During the massage session, soft music is played and thereby making the experience even more relaxing.
Cheap Apprentice treatments of 45 min. – Save up to 30%.
DKK 299,-  for 45. min treatment.

An apprentice treatment, by one of our experienced masseurs, may have a duration of up to 45 min. We reimburse our apprentice’s lack of experience with a cheaper massage price and you save up to 30%. The description of this treatment is equivalent to that of our normal 45 min. physiological massage as mentioned above.

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