Couple Massage

65 min. Couple massage DKK 949,-

Couple Massage is a wonderful way of spending time together no matter what the relationship; married, boyfriend/girlfriend, family ect. Couple massage may also be a very good way of introducing a person to massage, if he/she has never tried a professional massage before and therefore has his/her doubts.

Couple massage focuses on relaxation and pampering. Two masseurs take care of the couple and the session takes place in a room where there is space for two people on individual massage benches.

During the couple massage, soothing music is played in order to make the experience even more relaxing. Certain wellness massage clinics and spa, who offer couple massage, offer a standard treatment, where the main focus is soothing massage.

At MassageKompagniet we customize the treatment according to your needs and wishes and thereby combine several massage techniques during the massage session.

  • Soothing massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep penetrating massage
  • Deep tissue massage

MassageKompagniet in Copenhagen has specialized in pain management and pain relief by using physiological massage by using techniques from sports massage and wellness massage. We are very focused on removing your tensions and pains especially with deep tissue neck and back massage. We often combine more than one type of massage techniques during a session in order to give you maximum value of your time. We also offer advice and guidance in regards to methods to prevent the daily wear and tear on the body. Treatments take place in elegant surroundings in Copenhagen at Lille Triangel on Østerbro.

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