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MassageKompagniet in Copenhagen has specialized in preventive treatment as well as pain management through physiological massage with a combination of wellness and sports massage. Your masseur will focus on removing and relieving you of your tensions and pain. He will often combine various massage techniques during a massage session in order to give you the absolute best result and best value for money. Your masseur will advise you in methods on how to avoid the daily wear and tear on your body.

Massage 30 min.359 kr. Now 299 kr.
Massage 45 min. 459 kr. Now 389 kr.
Massage 60 min. 559 kr. Now 479 kr.

To begin with, we warm up the part of your body, in need of treatment. Thereafter you may choose to have a more focused treatment on painful areas or a tension releasing massage all over the area.

You should book an extended session, should you have stronger pains or with to have a larger part of your body massaged.

Prices are only based on duration of massage session. Independent of what type of massage or pain treatment, you wish.

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Booking cancelations. As we always look forward to giving you an excellent massage session, we kindly ask you to cancel in good time. We become very sad, when customers don’t show up!

MassageKompangniet in Copenhagen is your guaranty to a masseur, who has spent time specializing in pain management. During the massage session, the masseur will focus intensively on your tensions and pain by using the full arsenal of massage techniques available in order for you to get the perfect experience each time, no matter whether you have tensions or extreme pains.

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